JAS Trader started back in 2016...

…and since then, we’ve been managing investments for clients across New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

As our company grows, the amounts invested grow, and as our performance grows, so too does the interest from our friends in the US, to manage their investments for them too.

Whilst we have the infrastructure to trade US accounts, we’re currently working through the compliance that’s required, and expect to have that completed during 2020.

If you’re in the US, and you’re interested in having JAS Trader manage your Forex investment for you, then just register your interest below, and we’ll contact you once we’re ready to service our US friends.


Jamie and Stefan – JAS Trader

JAS Trader: USA

If you're interested in JAS Trader managing your account for you, put your email address in below, and we'll notify you once we're setup for the US