Is Managed Forex For You?

Introduction to Managed Forex

This information resource has been put together to help you understand if Forex Trading is right for you.

More specifically, if Managed Forex Trading, using Automated Low Risk Strategies, is right for you.

It’s been written by JAS Funds, a concierge managed Forex Trading company.

This short guide walks you through 

This is for you if:

  • you have 20K or more to invest in a managed Forex Account

  • you’re researching how Forex Trading can be your sole tool to grow your long term wealth, or

  • you want to add Forex Trading to your investment portfolio to either diversify your risk, or give you something new to learn, or

  • you have a lump sum (self managed super or similar) that you want to invest to give you a better return than what you’ll get from the investment firms out there today*, and

  • you’re an accredited/wholesale/sophisticated investor**

*we’ll show you side-by-side comparisons of Managed Forex Trading Results versus the larger banks and investment firms.

**not sure if this is you? You usually know if you do fit into this category, but we’ll walk you through the criteria in our next page

Which best describes you today:

I Am Wholesale

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Check If I'm Eligible

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