Forex Account Management Fees

What should I expect from a Managed Account In Terms of Fees?

Do make sure,
when you're comparing apples with apples,
you understand how much someone's bitten the apple they're trying to sell you...

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When looking at any investment vehicle for yourself, you need to make sure you’ve asked the right questions about fees.

Many providers hide fees from their published figures.

Many providers also charge fees irrespective of whether they grow your investment or not.

We don’t think either of those are fair for our clients here at JAS Funds.

We make our revenue from two core revenue streams:

  1. Our primary revenue stream is performance based.
  2. Our secondary (and much smaller) revenue stream, is by Introducing Broker fees

Other Management companies in the market today will generate their revenue from those two, AND, from our research, will charge potentially a setup fee, an ongoing monthly (or annual) management fee, and/or a fee based on funds under management (known as FUM).

All of these additional fees can be taken whether your account increases, or loses money.

Why our focus is Performance Fee

Here at JAS Funds, we put a focus on our performance.

Everything we do, from risk management (see our risk management approach here), through to our algorithm design, and pip/lot allocation for each currency pair/timeframe, is all geared towards one thing: grow your account as safely and successfully as we can for you.

Our drive and goal is to help as many people as possible profit from Forex through our managed service.

To keep us true to that focus, our primary income generation is the performance fee.

Once a quarter (every 91 days to be exact!), we use the watermark high method of tracking, to take a 25% performance fee of the profit we have made you.

That’s an important piece to understand:

Our performance fee is only based on the profit we have made you, not your total account under management.

Therefore, we’re primarily compensated, when we make you money.

That’s why it’s our sole focus!

Our secondary smaller income via Introducing Broker Fees (IB Fees)

We do have a secondary stream of income, the same one all Forex Managed Accounts have, and that is an IB fee.

The IB fee works like this:

For every trade taken, the brokerage firm that you’re with transacts the trade.

That brokerage fee takes a very small commission from each trade.

That’s how brokerage firms work.

They share a very small percentage of their commission with us.

It does not impact you or your investment, and for us it’s a small residual income from a combined portfolio of funds.

But we like to be transparent with you on the ways we derive income.

Our primary, our performance fee, is aimed at being 80%+ of our income, whilst the IB fees is the remainder.

That’s how we work here at JAS Funds.

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