JAS Fund Weekly Update (Week 44, 2018)

Here’s this week’s update: 

Weekly Narrative: Whilst we saw a big drop in the overall account performance this week we also saw a big drop in the drawdown that we’ve been working hard to reduce.  As the number of manual open trade continues to drop, so does our drawdown, and then we can continue our efforts to grow the accounts.

In additional news this week, we have separated out the top performing trades, which in the past 12 months equates to 55.0% growth, with very low drawdown, and have them running in a parallel account as of this week, and it will be available to clients shortly.

Account Performance for the Week:  7.72% DOWN

#’s of EA’s in JAS Fund Trading Platform: 113

# of EA’s in Live Testing: 330

# of EA’s Tested Pre Live Testing This Week: 0

# of trades taken last week: 98

# live on JAS manually traded: 26

Overall performance (last 12 months): 1.65%

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