JAS Fund Weekly Update (Week 1, 2019)

Here’s this week’s update:

Weekly Narrative: This week was a very interesting week. It was called a “Flash Crash” in the media. Many pairs experienced enormous spreads and spikes. As an example, the AUD/NZD have moved over 1250 pips in a few seconds, see here https://www.screencast.com/t/UhW5hdiUThere is a headline article online here which explains more – see here  another article is here

In 15 years of trading, Andrew has never seen such a massive spike in the market like this. As mentioned, an event like this is completely out of anyone’s control. Four of our manually managed trades closed at a large loss, due to a margin call, because of this Flash Crash.

All other trading is trending upwards, just this backward step with this market movement not seen in the past 15 years. If there are any positives from this, it’s that the open drawdowns are now reduced by almost half onwards and upwards.

Account Performance for the Week:  26.5% DOWN

# of EA’s in JAS Fund Trading Platform: 88

# of EA’s in Live Testing: 330

# of EA’s Tested Pre Live Testing This Week: 0

# of trades taken last week: 42

# live on JAS manually traded: 4

Overall performance (last 12 months): -35.87%


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