JAS Fund Monthly Update for September 2018 - by Jamie

In this month’s video, Jamie walks you through what’s happened for the month of September:

Hey, Jamie here for the September update of JAS Funds.

Interesting Month of September

Now, September’s been a really interesting month. We had the new version of the robot, the robot that’s been causing us a few little issues that came in late August. We’ve been managing that through September.

Now the beauty of it is, if you want to look at the good sides of things, yes, our drawdown, which has been going for literally almost two years at the five, six, seven percent mark has now hit an all time low of 30 plus percent, which we are not happy about. We’ve shared that with you one on one and in group updates. But, we also realise that the actual updated robot that we put in has done this and we are gonna come out the other side even stronger.

Why? Because, from our results so far, we may have some larger drawdowns, but those robots that have really big draw downs actually come all the way back up and either close for a very small loss, or just have a break even, or quite a healthy profit.

Of course it’s the volatility of the market moving up and down and some of the new iterations of this recently introduced robot take us in those downward paths, but also bring us back and only close out, and the closeout path isn’t really important, but that’s the bit where the profit is taken. It’s just having that then capacity to watch the draw downs increase, but know that it’s going to come back.

Let’s See the Bigger Picture

On the other side as well when the robot goes in one direction, the wrong way, in a draw down, the mirror part of the robot is actually taking small gains as it goes in that direction. So when that robot actually does come all the way back and close for a very small loss or a small profit, it’s taken a whole lot of profit along the way.

So bigger picture, as long as we have an increased capacity for the unexpected, I guess downside of this robot, we have to look at the upsides and the actual results that are coming from that. So that’s the big picture of the robot and we’re going to continue to manage that.

And, as already shared, we’re manually managing a couple of the larger exposure points, just in case, but they have been dealt with and the larger ones have already been closed out. When you do look, if you are looking at your results, do look at the top side, do look at the closed out, the opens may look large, but just look at the top side and the top side is growing, the closed top level profit level is growing. So keep an eye on that because as those draw downs come back, it’s actually gonna be really, really good on the other side once we come out the other side of this.

Any questions at all, do let me know.

Catching Up

And of course I’m still in mainland Europe, the south of France right now. Any clients in mainland Europe, I’ll be going … France, Spain, Austria, Italy. If you’re in that region, please let me know. And if anyone’s interested in JAS and in that region, let me know. I’ll be able to catch up and talk you through anything that’s needed.

All right. This was Jamie JAS Funds update for September. Any questions at all just let us know.

Bye for now.