JAS Fund Monthly Update for November 2018 - by Jamie

In this month’s video, Jamie walks you through what’s happened for the month of November:

Hey, how you doing? Jamie here. JAS Funds update for November 2018.

Now beginning of December as I record this. Still over in Europe, so in Austria right now. Looking at some beautiful mountains here, and a little bit cold, but we’re okay.

Drawdowns Under Control

Now November wasn’t a very nice month from a trading perspective. Account went down. There are positives, end of November though, and the drawdown that we’ve been looking to manually manage is still under control.

So 18 trades are still open, that we’re manually managing. We’ve disconnected from the robots, and that is 83% of the current drawdown, 18 of them. So we’ll just keep an eye on those, and when they come back and retrace, we’ll close them out at break-even or a profit. And that will, over time, and who knows what the time is. We don’t know the market. It could be a week, it could be a month, it could a few months. Either way, the risk is managed. So, that’s the drawdown covered.                         

And we’ve also been using this opportunity, like I’ve mentioned in an email I sent to you, during the month, to identify the top performers, like the 80, 20 version, and 20% are getting those 80% of the results and we’re starting to syphon those out and to start to put more of the emphasis on those real top performers onto the account. Now as per the message I sent you, are those top performers collectively over the past 12 months would have got 60%.                

Slowly But Surely

It’s great, hindsight’s wonderful, isn’t it? But it’s okay. It’s all about building for the future and identifying the real top performers, and growing and building with those.

So we’re expecting to bring the account back in the direction. In the past week, we’ve gone up 3.7%, I think it was in the past week. So slowly but surely we’ll work our way back and with these improved algorithms, we’re expecting then to go even further in an upwards direction, which is pretty good.                       

That’s it, all we want, and it’s all about long-term, isn’t it? So whilst there has been a big drop in November, you will only lose if you close your accounts, which you don’t want to do. It’s long-term, we’ve always thought long-term. And so yeah, leave it with us, we’ll keep going.

Any questions at all, let me know. Let Andrew know, just let us know, Stefan know. We’re here to answer any question, otherwise, I’ll speak to you soon.

All right, bye for now.