JAS Fund Monthly Update for June 2018 - by Jamie

In this month’s video, Jamie walks you through what’s happened for the month of June:

Hey, Jamie here from JAS Funds with your June monthly update.

Trip Around Europe

Bit of a change, normally Andrew would do this; but I thought I’d record this month’s video here in sunny Margate, in Southeast England. I am on a bit of a trip around Europe with the family. So actually for any European clients, or anyone interested in JAS in Europe, please reach out and potentially I could meet up while we’re traveling around Europe.

June 2018 Performance

What we saw in June is just over a two percent result, which is good. Our target is just over two percent every month for JAS, as you know. Of course, we’ve seen volatility. We’ve seen the daily charts affected by that volatility, but the robot, the algorithm, is working really nicely. We’ve been tuning the robot, we’ve been doing extra backend testing on the robot, which is testing past five years against the live performance to check everything is matching up, and it is.

We’re also consistently creating new algorithms, testing those in the background. Testing those on other live accounts for a set period to make sure that everything is working well, and when we have winners from those, we would then add them into the JAS algorithm.

Right now, probably for every ten new algorithms, we test may be one or two make it through. But we can see that since the robot’s inception, it, by itself, has brought 15 percent to the account. That is all by itself, and that’s because the robot is really following Andrew’s theories, his strategies, but on shorter timeframes. So on the 30 minute, on the hour chart, on the four-hour chart, we’re seeing some really really good results there.

So that’s all going as we’ve planned.

That’s it for June

If you have any questions at all, let us know. But if you are in Europe and you’re potentially in the path of our trip, I’d love to be able to say hi. I hope to potentially see you soon.

All right. This was Jamie from JAS Funds.

Bye for now.