JAS Fund Monthly Update for July 2019 - by Jamie

In this month’s video, Jamie walks you through what’s happened for the month of July:

Welcome to winter here in New Zealand and this is the update for really June and July for JAS funds, 2019

Our New Direction

Been a really interesting couple of months in terms of the learnings of the company and also the shape of the company and the direction that we’re heading. 

So let me tell you more about that.

What we’ve realised with all of our efforts over the past three years to aim to turn all of our trading into an automated platform, it just hasn’t worked. So what we’ve done is we’ve turned off the automating trading and going back to manual trading and purely focused on manual because the whole essence of JAS is to be low risk for our clients. In a high risk situation, 4X is very high risk. It can go wrong very quickly. So what we’re doing is making sure everything is in place for the best of our ability, from our experience and from our learnings so far to make that happen. And that’s all going to be through manual trading. That’s part one. 

Part Two

Andrew, the head trader, we’ve decided to part ways. So Andrew stepped out of JAS Funds and we have a new trading team in place, so we’re going to be following the manual trading strategy. For those who are tracking our trades and the types of trades that we do, you’ll see they’re slightly different than usual, but very much we’re aiming for certain internal targets that we’re going to hit. Then literally once we hit them, we’re going to stop trading for the month. We’re going to hit our targets, stop and then wait til next month, all about conservative trading.

Updated One Page For You

So if you have any questions at all, just reach out, let us know. The updated one page is available for you to download. You can opt in and see that. And if you have any questions at all, just let me know. 

All right, this is Jamie from a cold and blustery New Zealand at the start of August, 2019 and yeah, look forward to helping you soon. 

Bye for now.