JAS Fund Monthly Update for July 2018 - by Jamie

In this month’s video, Jamie walks you through what’s happened for the month of July:

Hey, Jamie here from JAS Funds with your July monthly update.

Hey, welcome to JAS Funds.

This is Jamie with your July 2018 update.

3 Important Things

So, three things I want talk to you about today.

Number one is the performance for the month of July.

Number two is the small change that’s going to bring a really big impact to us.

And number three, a potential way that you can have your fees reduced on your account.


Let’s get into it.

July Performance

So number one, performance for July. Overall, the performance was not .3% up. Now, that’s not a lot. It’s positive, which is great. And, as in any trading, our focus is to manage the risk and grow conservatively, and methodically, which is what we’re doing. But, really interesting is the small change.

Part two of the update is the small change we’re making. That ┬ánot .3% upwards movement, actually was minus 3.7 on our Daily trades, and plus 4% on all the other time frames.

So, as you know, we run two cost strategies, one being the daily trades, and one being the robot, which is the same strategies we use in the daily’s, but across the smaller time frames. The one hour, the four hour, and the 30 minute charts. Because we’ve seen in the past, ┬áreally in the last 12 to 18 months, we’ve seen a lot more positive action on those smaller time frames. That, you may call it volatility on the smaller time frames, or more action on the smaller time frames, causes issues on the daily time frames.

What we’re going to do from now on, actually from last week, we’re stopping the 24 hour. The daily time frames. We’re stopping the trading on that. And we’re going to continue with the smaller time frames.


Well, we’ve got the results from when they robot started back in November. Remember, this is robot 2.0, and we’re up to 21% positive with the robot. Also, to give you an indication for July, 471 trades were taken on your behalf on your account for you. You’re welcome. And of those, 12% of those, 54, I think it was, from memory, were the daily’s. And they constituted minus 3.7%, and the rest of them 88% was done by the algorithm, the robot, across the smaller time frames, and that gave us plus 4%. What we’re doing is we’re pausing the daily trades for now, and we’re focusing all of our efforts on the robot.

I’m actually going to be spending time … Andrew has actually written out his whole process that he does on the robot. I’m going to be sharing that with you soon. So, watch out for that and I’ll share that with you. Just out of interest, if you want to see the actual depth of it, what’s the right word I’m looking for? Just the methodical process that Andrew goes through every single day, and every single week, and every single month to keep improving this robot.

Remember, as well, this is robot 2.0. 1.0 broke even for six months. Literally broke even over the six months. Now, it may be making lots of trades, but we’re all about account growth, because of our fees and the way we’re structured, yes? So, robot 2.0 is doing really, really well for us. Since November, what we’re talking seven or eight months, 21% up at the moment.

Now, talking about performance fees, let’s go into part three of the video. You can see one of my daughters behind me. Up here still in Northern Europe and headed into Mainland Europe in about 10 days. So, again, anyone in Europe, let me know, potentially, you can come say, “Hi.”

But, back to performance. I mentioned performance before. You know that our fee structure is solely based around performance. We don’t have any set up fees, we don’t have any monthly fees, it’s only performance based. Now, to this point. We’ve been very fair, 25% performance fee, above watermark high for all our clients. That hasn’t changed for anyone. But, what we want to do, is want to help more people to be able to invest in JAS. We want you to be able to share with your friends, with your contacts the great results you’re getting, and also, you benefit from it.

The Great Concept of Referral System

How are we going to do that?

What we’ve set up is a referral system. When you refer a client to us, then your fees will go from 25% down to 12-1/2%. You refer two clients to us, it will go from 12-1/2% down to 6.25%, and then it’ll stay at 6.25% for the year. Okay? All about trying to bring JAS to a lot more people, for you to be able to introduce to more people just like you, so they can benefit on the growth that we’re achieving with JAS.

By the way, just so you know, if you were to refer four people, then the 6.25 would stay for two years. So, it resets every year, you just refer on person every year, and your fees will half. You refer two people every year, and your fees will be a quarter of what they are today.

We think that’s a great concept from our side. We think it’s a bit of a win-win, to allow you to help more people, to allow us to help more people, and to allow you to get even more growth on your account, with the reduced fees form your referrals.

If you have any questions at all, on that, let us know. Otherwise, when you send friends, make sure they say that you sent them, so we can make sure you’re credited properly, and the credit will start as soon as their account becomes active under the JAS Funds umbrella.

Any questions at all, let me know.

This was Jamie, from JAS Funds, have a great rest of the month your side.

Bye for now.