JAS Fund Monthly Update for January 2019 - by Jamie

In this month’s video, Jamie walks you through what’s happened for the month of January:

Hey, this is Jamie from JAS Funds.

This is the January monthly video for 2019, and want to just give you an update on what’s been going on.

Our Three New Offerings

It’s actually middle of February at the moment and there’s been a lot happening in 2019 so far. January, if you actually look at the trading itself, the trading the robots, gave a 7.7% up for January. But, we had a flash crash which made the news, made the Herald, made actually international news, and we got caught in that flash crash, which took us backwards for January.

Into February, our plans for the three new offerings is actually being launched today.

As I record this for you, the three offerings are being launched today, so our three bases of the 80/20 of the top performing EAs will be offering number one.

Offering number two is Andrew’s Manual Trading, and then the third one is going to be blended trading from some of the top traders that we know to be able to offer a balanced or blended approach for number three.

Those three as well will help people spread the risk, different risk profiles. The new EAs, the 80/20s of the EAs, are going to be on even lower at-risk profiles than before, so you’re going to see trades coming through on your account, but a lot smaller trades to make sure our drawdown stays a lot smaller and also that we learn from what’s happened in the past.

Baseline Moving Forward

You’ll also see early February that the equity and balance have come together, so now we’ve closed all those manual trades, the open manual trades, so now we’re just going to be building from here without having an extended drawdown on the account.

So, drawdown is absolutely minimal right now, which is awesome. That’s what we want to baseline moving forward, and now we’re going to be looking forward to growing the existing accounts and also building new accounts moving forward from here.

Any questions at all, let me know. Otherwise, we’ll keep you updated as we go from here.

All right. Bye for now.