JAS Fund Monthly Update for February 2019 - by Jamie

In this month’s video, Jamie walks you through what’s happened for the month of February:

Hey, Jamie here with another monthly update for JAS funds.

EAs in Play

So this is for the month of February, and as you saw in February we had our implementation of our 80/20 fund, so basically all the top performing trades, the top performing EAs are now in play. We’ve removed every other lower performing one, and what we’ve seen now in the past 30 days has been really, really positive.

Whilst the fund itself has pretty much broken even, it’s something like minus point something per cent right now, so very, very fractional down, but tiny down. The really big positive is the draw down, so the draw down as I looked at it just before I pressed record on this video is about minus six per cent, which is a really, really healthy draw down, and our target for draw down is around the 10% mark, so that’s our healthy target to stay within, and that’s what Andrew is spending a lot of time focusing on.

The Key Part

Of course, the risk management is a key part to this. In the background we’re working on a lot of other new EAs, testing in other environments away from the JAS accounts, and they will be promoted only when the main JAS account isn’t performing as we expect.

Right now, we have internal targets. We set expectations with our clients of two to three per cent a month, we have higher internal targets which we’re striving towards, and only if we don’t hit our higher targets will we be looking to introduce any top performers from the other accounts in.

Other Two Approaches

So, that’s our continued strategy, nothing has changed. It’s always long term, everything is focused on very much years, not weeks, months and days. We’re very, very comfortable with, in essence, version three of the EA with this 80/20 approach.

We have the other two approaches in parallel as well, the manual approach and the blended approach. They are still moving forward, and you will see more of that as we progress.

We’ll share that with you, those stats, over time. But if you have any questions, as always, just let me know.

All right, bye for now.